Siena Vision, Mission & Motto

Siena Vision

Siena Vision and Motto

The intention is that the Vision for Siena Catholic Primary School attends to the core purpose of the school to foster the growth of students to enable them to be fully functioning members of our society. The Vision will be prefaced on an understanding of what it means for a Catholic school community to be engaged with the world in all its diversity, complexity and plurality while bringing the perspective of the tradition into dialogue with that world.

Siena Motto

Through Learning we Flourish

Diocesan Education Vision & Mission

The Siena Catholic Primary School has developed a School Vision Statement in consultation with its Community. Understanding that this Vision Statement will be specific to the Siena Catholic Primary School and respectful of the Cathedral Parish spirit, which promotes the motto “To Love is to Serve”, we recognise that Siena will also support the Diocesan Vision and Mission statements which state:


As partners in Catholic education and open to God’s presence, we pursue fullness of life for all.


We journey towards this vision through:

  • proclaiming and witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • ensuring quality learning that promotes excellence and fosters the authentic human development of all
  • living justly in the world, in relationship with each other and in harmony with God’s creation
  • exploring, deepening and expressing our Catholic identity in diverse ways
  • enabling each one of us to reflect more fully the image of God.