Open Parachute

Screenshot_2024_02_15_at_11.49.37_am.pngThis year at Siena we are working with Open Parachute for student, carer and educator wellbeing. Open Parachute is a wellbeing program heavily focusing on social and emotional development. During Social Emotional Learning lessons students will be taught strategies and skills to boost resilience, self- awareness and social responsibility. The Open Parachute programs are based on documentary videos of real youth sharing their own experiences of overcoming struggles. These peer role models inspire students to live up to their fullest potential. Teachers have been busy using this resource to begin teaching wellbeing lessons based on each cohort's needs. Open Parachute has resources for parents and carers too. Below you will find the parent and carers link where you can access resources and information about many wellbeing topics.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 11.56.38 am.png