Enrolments Enquiries for 2024 Foundation (Prep)


Thank you for your interest in enrolling at our school.  To ensure that every family has the appropriate opportunity to enrol their child, all Ballarat Catholic Primary Schools collaborate throughout the process of Foundation (Prep) Enrolment. Information collected through the enrolment process is collated on a common database, which is shared by the Catholic Primary Schools in Ballarat.

The application process for 2024 Foundation (Prep) Enrolments:

  1. Register for a school tour by clicking here.
  2. After 8 February 2023, register your interest in enrolling your child at a Catholic school in the City of Ballarat by completing an online “City of Ballarat Expression of Interest for Enrolment” form- the link will be provided on the hompage of our website on 8 February 2023. During this process you will be able to nominate Siena Catholic Primary School as your first preference. Expressions of Interest close on 25 May.

While completing the Expression of Interest form you will be required to indicate your first, second and third preference schools and upload your child’s birth certificate (mandatory) and baptism certificate (if applicable).

Completing this form does not guarantee that an enrolment offer will be made. Please see the outline of the current process with the relevant dates below. A link to the 2024 online enrolment form will be sent to successful families with offers of placement.

Key Dates: 2024 Foundation (Prep) Enrolment Process

Wednesday 8 February 2023 Foundation (Prep) Enrolment Applications Open
Thursday 25 May 2023 Expression of Interest Forms Close
Friday 2 June 2023 at 12:00pm

First Round Placement Offers Emailed: This step will consider siblings of current students as well as children who are baptised Catholic within the local parish of the school

Friday 9 June 2023 at 4:00pm First Round Written Acceptance from Parents Closes
Wednesday 14 June 2023 School Principals meet to determine allocation of placements
Friday 16 June 2023 at 12:00pm Second Round Placement Offers Emailed: List of schools still with vacancies published on DOBCEL website
Friday 23 June 2023 at 4:00pm Second Round Written Acceptance from Parents Closes

Each Catholic Primary School will make offers of enrolment in line with the Diocese of Ballarat Enrolment Policy which takes into consideration a variety of factors.

Enrolment Enquiries for Years 1-6

Enrolment enquiries for Year levels 1 - 6, please click here to complete our enrolment enquiry form for our consideration. We recommend that you click here to Book a Tour of our school. Please contact our office for further enquiries; P: 5334 3096; E: admin@slucas.catholic.edu.au.

Please note, for children looking to change schools, parents/carers are required to speak with their current school principal first to discuss your interest in your child moving schools before contacting us. Ensuring you have done this, you are welcome to complete an enrolment enquiry form for our consideration.

Enrolment Agreement

Enrolment Policy

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